thinking is making us sick

Why Our Pattern of Thinking is Making Us Sick Seriously | Sadhguru

In this powerful speech, Sadhguru elucidates why our pattern os thinking is making us sick. Because whatever happens in mind, invariably takes place in the body. If you develop resentment, anger, hatred, all these are poisons that you’re drinking. If your mind works against you, the first and foremost thing you do is take a break from every damn thing you do, and it doesn’t matter what you do.

Sadhguru Says:

thinking is making us sick
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

How and Why thinking is making us sick?

It is possible that you could have caused physical damage to your system, an ailment because of your patterns of thinking, very much possible because you’re a psycho soma whatever happens in the mind, invariably happens in the body.

But once the damage is manifested in the body physically, trying to think it away could be just wishful thinking. I’m not saying it’s not at all possible but after all, you have only one life, you don’t take such a risk.

Yes, you would like to assist it with your thought process also, but, “No, I will just sit down and think it away” you may think yourself away, you know.

So, don’t try such things. Disease or no disease, ailment or no ailment, you have no business to make a mess out of your mind, you have no business to torture this being.

Whether you get ailment or you don’t get an ailment is the next thing but you have simply no business to torture this being, because this is, in a way, it’s a helpless being.

See, if I run after you with a hot iron right now, you will try to escape, you’ll call for help. You can do all those things but suppose you take a hot iron and start putting into this one, where will this one run?

Even if you’re a child, you can still have some defence, Yes? Even a 5, 6-year-old kid has some defence, isn’t it? But this one, no defence.

Whatever nonsense you do to this one it has to just go through it, no escape. So, this is like torturing a fet us trapped inside, now you start poking it this is just like that, yes?

The cruellest form of torture, the cruellest that you can do is self-torture because a totally helpless being Everybody else, however helpless they are they have some defence, isn’t it? Yes?

The weakest person can stab you when you’re fast asleep. Yes or no? It’s happened, isn’t it? Somebody is weak, you went on poking them, one day when you’re sleeping they came and poked you.

They can do something. Even a very weak person, even a child can do something to you, but this one, totally helpless. So, you have no business to torture this one, whether you have got an ailment or you haven’t got an ailment.

If you have gotten an ailment already, if you’ve already taken it that far, that you cause damage to the system, it is better that it is assisted in all ways possible yes, definitely you must stop your nonsense.

But if the system needs medicine, surgery, this one, that one, whatever is needed it has to be done. Trying to just think it away because you brought it through your mind, do not think that you can take it away through your mind.

thinking is making us sick
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Possible, I’m not saying no at all, I cannot say it’s 100% no, it is possible, but you don’t try such things because you may think yourself away. Once it crosses a certain point, then nobody can help you, isn’t it? Yes?

Even your doctors give up at some point or no? The only people who don’t give up on you is the Insurance. Everybody else gives up on you at some point, the only people who don’t want to give upon you is Insurance, because you know.

So, keeping your mind life-friendly is definitely your business. Your mind should be friendly to this life, isn’t it so? Should work for this life. After all, your mind is your employee. Yes or no?

Why have you made him your enemy? If you do not know how to handle the people who work for you, they will turn into your enemies, don’t have any misunderstanding about this, don’t have any doubt about this, it happens, isn’t it so? Hmm?

If you don’t handle your own children properly, they will turn into your enemies. No? You have any doubt? “No, not my son, he won’t do that” don’t have any doubt, he’ll do that.

If you don’t handle him right, he will turn into your enemy. Yes or no? Yes or no? That’s the way life is. Now, why is it your mind, such a powerful, beautiful, miraculous thing has turned into your enemy?

This is something we have to look at, whether you have an ailment or you’re on the way. Whichever way, it’s time you look at it. Isn’t it so? Hmm? You shouldn’t let any time pass, because thinking diseases in and thinking diseases out is not fun, it’ll cost life.

Once you have an ailment it becomes a fulltime engagement, you won’t have any other luxury of sitting and listening to spiritual discourse like this, it’ll take away everything, you’ll be sitting in a hospital queue. Yes or no? It’s not fun. Yes? It’s not fun.

Till you get there, you don’t realize how bad it is. Everybody, however healthy you are, once a month take a tour of a major hospital in your town, you must, really. You must go and see, not for some perverse pleasure but you must see what can happen to human beings, just small things wrong, that’s all.

They didn’t commit any great crime, they were just everyday creating little acid in their stomach, see where it’s gotten them. If you handle everything right, you still, you know, the damn tick may get into you and cause problems, who knows? Yes?

You handled everything right, doesn’t matter, you got into an airplane, you’re thinking they’re all people, but the swine flu got into you. Somebody is a swine there, you don’t know.

If you do everything right, still there are million problems. Isn’t it so? Yes? The nature of life is such, even if you drink milk you could get poisoned, but if you’re talking about drinking poison and living well, all the best, that’s all I can say. Isn’t it so?

About Sadhguru:

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Jaggi Vasudev, known publicly as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, and the author was born on 3 September 1957. His mother’s name is Susheela and Father’s name is Dr. Vasudev. Vijaykumari a.k.a. Vijji was Sadhguru’s wife and his daughter’s name is Radhe Jaggi.

In 1992, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev established the Isha Foundation, which has been involved in various activities in the field of spirituality, education, and the environment. The organization has been subject to mixed reception.

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