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Top 16 Off-Page SEO Strategies | Get Free Backlinks

Top 16 off-page SEO Strategies — There are two different kinds of SEO strategies, they are names off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

These can be applied to build traffic on your blog or company website, and also rank them in a search engine to the higher positions. Many people like the off-page SEO very much and therefore tend to use it to build links.

In this article, I will discuss 16 off-page SEO strategies for bloggers or website owners.

Digital Marketing Techniques:

The people who wish to boost their SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) enact multiple off-page SEO strategies. The top 16 off-page SEO strategies consist of the following:

  1. Social Media platforms.
  2. Using the forums.
  3. Social bookmarking.
  4. Posting an article.
  5. The directory submission.
  6. Q&A platforms.
  7. YouTube videos.
  8. Guest posting.
  9. Document Sharing.
  10. Commenting.
  11. Get a competitor’s backlink.
  12. Private Blog Network (PBN) Websites.
  13. Building on broken links.
  14. Business Reviews.
  15. Image Sharing.
  16. Autopilot content.

Let’s dive into all these top 16 off page SEO strategies and know how they actually helps a blog to get more traffic.

Social media platforms:

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Social Media platforms – off-page SEO

Social media platforms are the most important resources that can help you to build your website authority and trust.

You can connect with people instantly on social media platforms and share all of your content to help people.

Simply post massive useful content on social media networks and you will attract lots of visitors.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the top social media platforms you can start with!

Using the Forum:

Use it to communicate among like-minded individuals in your area of expertise.

This includes responding to questions on a website in order to get a large number of backlinks.

It could also be used on your website to build brand awareness for your product or services, hence increase amazing traffic to it.

If you find an effective forum or community in your area of expertise, simply make use of it and let others know about your website or blog.

Social bookmarking:

When you recognize yourself on a popular high authority social bookmarking site, you can apply your blog or website. Avoid spamming or low-quality bookmarking websites because they can damage your SEO largely.

Posting an article:

Are you informed that simply posting an article on a site with a lot of active users can easily add great value to your blog?

This has proven to be a true strategy to produce high-quality backlinks. Down  Below is a list of a few popular sites where you can post an article and it will be satisfying to see results.

  • Forbes
  • YourStory
  • The Digg 
  • The Entrepreneur

The Directory Submission:

Popular business directories may be a huge advantage to your blog articles.

It is a fantastic way to get a decent amount of traffic and also to get the site in full authority with the Google SERP.

There are a large number of blog directories that can quickly approve the blog link placing them in their directories.

Finding a strong and high-quality business directory, still, is difficult. So, make sure you do make good use of it once you come across one.

Note that, Google will search for business directories and then test their abbreviated DA (domain authority).

If you get one of this nature or different abbreviated as PA (Page Authority), it simply indicates you that, the quality of that particular website is good.

Q&A Platforms:

This is a forum of questions and answers which involves an active questioning session and a set of people who give different answers to the same question.

This is a good place to build great amounts of traffic and also back-links by answering any questions professionally on a given website.

In Yahoo Answers and Quora, you should try answering questions that are often asked for appropriate solutions.

If your response is labeled and checked, there is a good probability that people will visit your website to get more information about you.

YouTube Videos:

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YouTube – off-page SEO

If you hared no ideas with YouTube in a video right now, you should!

It lets you build an account and from there you can upload different types of videos that focus on a specific area of your expertise.

YouTube can be both a very innovative way to share information and expertise in a visual way. As you know, under the Google search engine, YouTube happens to be a viral video sharing platform.

As compared to other video sharing sites, YouTube has a commendable authority.

For this platform to be successful, write a unique explanation of the related videos, and then put a link to your blog or your website.

Guest Posting:

That’s where you connect with other people’s blogs and post your article that will most certainly send you do-follow backlinks for your website.

Guest posting can be a great way to get backlinks. In addition, it adds a big value to your blog or website especially if the content is relevant to the subject on the host site.

This is a good example of the off-page SEO strategy that can help you achieve high quality by backlinks significantly.

Now, you might think of such a target for blogging guests. Then check the keyword and pick the blog with a high DA, as well as PA and start guest posting.

Document Sharing:

Many platforms concentrate on image sharing, and SlideShare platform is a clear example of this.

You can conveniently upload to various files under this network, such as the PPT and pdf file format.

You can gain high traffic visitors by saving your files with a good keyword, as the topics are configured and shown first among the searches.

The off-page strategies will also help you increase the popularity of your blog, as well as the search engine authority.


You should develop a habit of commenting when someone popular shares something.

Commenting on these platforms has numerous benefits, because you can write your comment based on what other people ask.

If they see an answer in your article, many people would want to follow you and know more about yourself. It is here that traffic on your website will go even higher.

You should also let people know who you are at the end of your article, and include the link to your website.

This is a perfect way to both receive backlinks and spread brand knowledge.

Get a competitor’s backlink:

Using specialized tools like Ahref, Moz and Semrush you can try to poach visitors in your competitors’ backlinks.

It is a perfect way to help you get an understanding of how your opponent gets backlinks, and when.

Remember, you can also use the exact off-page SEO strategies to generate your competitors backlinks.

Private Blog Network (PBN) Websites:

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PBN websites – off-page SEO

You can simply carry a step ahead of other web sites by building links. This is accomplished by creating a personal PBN or a Private Branding Network professionally.

Various web 2.0 sites have strong authority. On the web 2.0 framework, you can easily build your free blog and backlinks to your main site.

Simply create a blog for free on the 2.0 web platform or website to succeed in this, and then share it between very popular media. A great example of a free blog on PBN web 2.0 includes:

  • Bloggers.
  • Wix.
  • Weebly.

If you get used to making your own special PBN, an off-page SEO strategy will convince you of the best practice.

Building on broken links:

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Building broken links – off-page SEO

All you need to do here is start by finding a broken link on other people’s websites and then start a link building process.

I know you’re curious about how to go about it. Ok, go to Google search and type your keyword and resources.

You can then click on every result to help you find the broken link on the resource page afterward.

If this is important to the niche you have, build some content around it on your blog or website and then ask the broken website owners to substitute their content with your new link leading to your page.

An excellent way to do this is on the Wikipedia website by trying to create links.

Browse your gap-related page and then press the button Enter. Then press “CTRL+F” and type the term “Dead Link” and hit the Enter button. This will point you to all the dead links if any.

Come up with better material for your website or blog and then start a procedure of editing the Wikipedia page to ensure the replacement of your links.

Isn’t this great opportunity to get backlinks from the authority website right back?

Business Reviews:

This is just another widely-known off-page SEO optimization that plays an important role in SEO.

You have an opportunity to increase brand recognition and offer feedback on a popular website.

It will help you to raise awareness about your brand by giving feedback on a popular website.

Inserting your URL and the name of a high authority review site would help you bring your business brand to the top of the results of the search engine.

Image Sharing:

Many websites are based on image sharing. These sites include Instagram and Pinterest to boost your search engine exposure, as well as traffic to your website or blog.

The material here is restricted to web search, but you can also late search an image by copying it and pasting it into the search window.

Autopilot Content:

Ultimately, it is said that there is no question that content is the King. It’s important for you to come up with a great content that can create the autopilot backlinks as well as social shares.

You can use certain content formats and thousands of visitors can find their way through your web site. They cover:

  • Infographics
  • List posts
  • Why
  • How to
  • Video
  • quiz


So these are the top 16 off-page SEO strategies to rank your website or blog higher on search engines and get lots of organic traffic.

I hope you understand and if you do have any confusion make sure you comment down below and I’ll try my best to answer your queries.

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