Subscription directly from Google Play Store
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Subscription directly from Google Play Store – Google’s New Update

Subscription directly from Google Play Store

Google is making changes in the Google Play Store towards introducing a new model “subscription directly from Google Play Store“. In this, users can subscribe to the Android application without downloading it to the phone.

After doing this, users will be able to get rid of repeated pop-ups in the in-app. Currently, you download any app from Google Play Store for free, but to use some apps, you have to subscribe.

To do this, users have to purchase the app from the in-app marketplace after installing the app. This system is going to change soon.

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This report came from a blog post from Google. Although not much information has been given about it.

Subscription directly from Google Play Store
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Google Play Store

Detailed information is yet to come

Google has not told in detail how this will work for the application. According to Google’s blog post, Billing Library 3 version allows users to search and buy things from outside the app, such as on the Play Store.

It further states that when promo codes are offered for subscription-free trials, users can redeem them if the application is not even installed.

While Google has hinted about bringing such a feature, it has not told in more detail how it will work for the application.

A group of developers has already started working on the feature for users to purchase subscriptions to their apps directly from the Google Play store.

Google will allow users to purchase a subscription directly from Google Play Store. How long it will be implemented is not mentioned.

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