iPhone SE 2020 in India
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Manufacturing of new iPhone SE 2020 in India to begin soon

The new iPhone SE 2020 in India

Apple is set to start manufacturing the new iPhone SE 2020 in India soon. According to the report, the company has taken this decision to avoid a 20% tax on the import of new iPhone models in the country. Wistron, Apple’s Taiwan-based contract manufacturer, is in the process of acquiring components to manufacture the iPhone in India. In 2017 too, Apple started making some of its iPhone models in India to avoid import tax and to meet the growing demand in the country. However, until now the company is only producing older iPhone models.

new iPhone SE 2020 in india
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iPhone SE 2020

An Apple supplier from China has been asked to send components for the new iPhone SE 2020 to Wistron in India from July. This move will help Apple to avoid import tax, otherwise, the company will have to pay this amount to bring the new iPhone model in the country.

The base model of iPhone SE (2020) is 12 thousand more expensive in India

The new iPhone SE 2020, which has been launched as an upgrade version of Origin iPhone SE, that the initial price in India is 42,500 INR. While its initial price in the US market is 30,400 INR, i.e. it’s base variant in India is expensive by 12 thousand rupees. The company launched it in India in April. The company launched it to compete with other Android phones in its price segment.

Currently China is making new iPhone SE

It is worth noting that the currently available new iPhone SE 2020 units are China made. However, the government has recently introduced a Product-Linked Initiative (PLI) scheme for domestic assembling and manufacturing of mobile phones in the country. Manufacturers such as Foxconn and Wistron, both fully supplying the device to Apple, have already increased their local production.

Domestic manufacturing was started in 2017

Apple started its domestic manufacturing in India in May 2017 and the first model made in India was the iPhone SE. The company started assembling with Wistron in its Bangalore facility. However, later Apple also started making iPhone models at Foxconn manufacturing plant in India. In October 2019, Apple expanded the range of its Made in India iPhone models by starting the production of iPhone XR locally in the country.

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New iPhone SE likely to increase shipments

Counterpoint Research revealed in a report that iPhone shipments in India increased by 78% in the first quarter of this year, due to which the iPhone 11 is considered. Shipments are expected to increase further in the future from the new iPhone SE 2020.

Physical outlet will start in 2021 in India

new iPhone SE 2020 in india
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Apple India

As shipments are increasing, Apple plans to establish a presence in India. In February, CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company is set to set up its online store later this year, while it also plans to start a physical outlet by 2021. A report states that Apple will begin its online sales as early as the third quarter. Domestic manufacturing will help in locating local demand.

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