How to Deal With Yourself

How to Deal With Yourself | Sadhguru Powerful Speech

How to deal with yourself:

Sadhguru asks you one fundamental question: Living in the moment or living for the moment? He explains, “the way tomorrow should be, should be different. It should not be in reaction to yesterday.”

Poem by Sadhguru:

A day that never came!
But has managed to spoil every game!
A day that never came!
But has managed to spoil every game!
One day that takes all the blame!
The basis of all fear and shame!
Cripples the blossoming of the life’s flame,
A spoiler that makes life a dream!
Traps the limitless in a limited scene!
One day that takes all the blame!
The basis of all fear and shame!
Cripples the blossoming of life’s flame!
A spoiler that makes life a dream!
Traps the limitless in a limited scene!
A day that never comes, but the world it rules!
A day that never comes, but the world it rules !!

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Now, there is a distinction between living in the moment and living for the moment. You will develop philosophies of living for the moment. You may have heard of Omar Khayyam, he said:

Don’t worry about yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow, just live, eat, drink, dance, enjoy yourself.

Wonderful philosophy. If you are young, it’ll work for four days. If you are old, not even for two days. Yes or no? Drink, dance, enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow.

How long do you think you will last?

How long do you believe you will last? Will you last? So this is not about living for the moment.

Living for the moment is a pleasure seeker’s life. Living in the moment is not something that you invented. Life is always at this moment.

How to Deal With Yourself
Sadhguru Quote : how to deal with yourself.

If you’re aware of that, you will live a very balanced and sensible life. If you’re not aware of it, you will unnecessarily get into hellish states and do foolish things with life.

That’s all the choice you have. So living in the moment is not something that you have to tell yourself, “I must live in the moment.”

Whatever is happening with you, whatever the emotion, whatever the thought, whatever the experience, simply seeing that this moment is inevitable, the way it is the way it is, instantly the next moment is a new possibility.

Only if you accept this moment absolutely the way it is, next moment becomes a new possibility, otherwise you will drag the past into the future.

You’re talking about future, but you really do not know anything about future.

Your mind knows only past. What you call as future is just that you take a piece of past, apply make-up on it and think it is future. Yes?

Improved past is what you call as future, isn’t it so? Do you know anything about future really? Do you know anything about future?

Just you’re talking about an improved past. Dragging the past into the future is a sure way of destroying your life, isn’t it so? Is a sure way of ruling out all new possibilities, is it so?

So if you are not accepting the inevitability of what is there right now, naturally your past will extend into your future. Future will not be a new possibility.

Future will be just repetition of the past. Do you see cycles of same nonsense happening in your life again and again and again?

Do you see this happening? This is simply because you’re dragging the past into the future.

It is not your fate. It is not God’s will which is doing this. It is a way that you are messing up the possibility of your life. “So what is this?” “First day you said all responsibility,” “responsibility, that is life.” “Today’s you’re saying acceptance, acceptance.” In what way are they different?

If you see that my responsibility is limitless, you have accepted everything the way it is, isn’t it so?

If you accept everything the way it is, are you responding to everything the way it is? Yes? So they are not different.

It is just that one is like you, the other is not like you. One is egoistic. It’s like you. You want to be responsible for your life, isn’t it?

But only to the extent it’s convenient. You don’t want to do beyond that point of convenience. Now I am saying any way you like to be responsible, why don’t you extend it?

Any way you want to be egoistic, why don’t you extend your ego to its unlimited possibility? Then it’s no more a problem.

The problem is, even with your egoistic nature, you’re stingy. That is the problem. At least be egoistic in an unlimited way, then there is no problem.

The problem is one, two, three, four. If you’re a zero, there is no problem. If you’re infinite, there is no problem because they’re not different.

One, two, three, four, five is endless trouble. Yes? So do you want to do zero or do you want to do infinite? Or do you want to spend your life in a endless bondage of one, two, three, four, five.

Once you start counting one, two, three, four, five, it’s an endless prison, isn’t it so? Yes? If you become infinite, you are liberated.

If you become zero, you’re liberated. This in-between state is a limbo. You want a limbo or you want to move on?

How to Deal With Yourself
Sadhguru Quote : how to deal with yourself.

If there was no possibility of you knowing the nature of your own existence, why would I waste my life with you? Because if there was no possibility, what is the point?

It doesn’t matter what kind of a fool you are, still there is a possibility. That is why the effort. Otherwise, what’s the point? This is what spiritual process means, that you have not written off any life, because every life is a possibility.

Somebody is like this, somebody is like this, somebody like that. Somebody looks stupid, somebody looks smart.

It doesn’t matter what… society is making these judgments but like life, it has enough intelligence to exist.

Because to exist it needs a lot of intelligence, how many things are functioning. Not one or two things millions and millions of things are happening. If you have the intelligence to exist, you have the intelligence to know.

But you’re little distracted. You have not learned how to harness your intelligence so it’s giving you a little headache.

If you’re getting a headache…When I say headache, not just…the virus headache, I’m talking in terms of, you know, something troubling you, that means you have enough intelligence to trouble yourself.

If you know how to create a problem which does not exist, tell me, creating something is more effortful and needs more substance or not creating anything needs more substance?

Obviously creating something, creating all these falsehoods in your mind takes a lot of intelligence and effort.

But this is a way, if I give you a screwdriver to do some simple job here, you put it in your ears, you thought, “It’s a good way”, it’ll work for some time. And then you thought poking screwdriver into nostril, that also you do.

But then one day your eyeball something is happening poking screwdriver into eye. Well, you know.

That’s all that’s happening to you. It may sound so ridiculous but that’s how ridiculous it is.

That is all you’re doing to yourself. Repeatedly I’ve been saying this, if we remove half your brain you won’t need any spirituality, you will sit peacefully.

Mouth may open a little bit but what’s the problem? But you will become peaceful. So your problem is not that you don’t have enough intelligence to know, your problem is you have not harnessed it.

So, “Why can’t the creator harness it also for me?” How’s this? We gave you a horse and we gave you two legs to ride on it. “No, no. Why can’t you ride it for me?” What is that?

That you can do if you remain unborn, creator will take care of everything. The source of creation takes care of everything if you’re not here.

Because you’re here, you’ve been given a role to play. Even a little ant, this ant is a problem. Some people are commenting about my ant and human being example because…there are people who take examples literally.

If I say an ant and an elephant, “What is he talking? How are ant and elephant related, “they’re not the same species?” What is he talking?”

So, even if you take the smallest creature, there are, you know, there are much smaller creatures than ant, there is a virus, of course.

But normally in a language, ant means small, because it’s a common thing everywhere.

Maybe people who are living in apartments have not seen an ant, so they’re thinking I’m talking about some creature. But otherwise, those who lived on this planet ants are everywhere.

So a small little creature, and you, if you look at it, ant also wants to do his own thing in his own way, for whatever little brain he has. He wants to do his own thing.

how to deal with yourself
Sadhguru Quote : how to deal with yourself.

He was going somewhere, you block his way and see. I spent months trying to understand these ants and I was amazed at their intelligence and their sense of survival.

How they manage things is quite incredible, and their traffic sense! All the people in Bangalore, they need some ant training. Simply they’re going like this nobody hits each other.

They’re just going like this, okay? So I was so amazed, I spent so much time, you just put your hand there; he wants to go in his own way.

He will not change his way and go away somewhere, he will like this, like this, like this goon again come here and go.

Because he wants to do his own thing. So this is the nature of life. Not only that, every one of the creature is…it’s a magnanimity of creation, it’s given you an individual experience.

Just imagine if you didn’t have your neurological system, nothing. Most probably the virus doesn’t have an individual experience because he doesn’t have any neurological system.

We do not know but I am assuming, maybe he does not have an individual experience, they are a collective existence probably.

But we have individual experience, all of us came from the same soil, but we have individual experience as we sit here, this is not a small thing.

This is a fundamental value of our life, that we have an individual experience. When you have an individual experience, is it not your business to handle or to harness your intelligence to know?

Do you have the needed intelligence to know? Absolutely! As I said, if you have the intelligence to exist, you have the intelligence to know.

But you’re…because people have told you “you will go to heaven”, you are saving it to use it elsewhere. But we even burn your brains when we take you to the crematorium, at least in the Isha crematoriums, even the brains are burned.

So if you’re saving it to take it there and use it, no, we’ll burn it up here. There we don’t know whether they’ll give you a brain or not.

Yes, because here you is not working that is why you want to go somewhere else. It’s time you make your body, brain, energy work here to its fullest and hold it in your hands and direct it the way you want.

Right now it’s just spilling around. Your intelligence is just spilling around and causing havoc to yourself and to everybody around you, yes!

So it’s not that creation has not given you the means, means are there, you must use it. If you’re not using it, you’re using it against yourself, if you really look at it, lockdown is the greatest thing that’s happened to you in your life, if you ask me.

You have time, how many things you could do. How many things you could do with yourself and what’s around you.

It’s time you learn to deal with yourself. If you don’t learn to handle your energy which may take little more, at least your thought and the emotion, the way you want it.

If you don’t do this, how do you expect your life to be worthwhile in any sense, your only sense of worth is, you have the gold medal, I’m going to give you today, your gold medal is five-hundred grams little heavier than somebody else’s.

You’ve got five-hundred grams more gold than the person next to you and you feel great. This is all the perversion that’s been cultivated, unfortunately, it’s time you learn how to handle your intelligence, and everybody has enough intelligence to know how to live.

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