How To Start A Successful Blog

How To Start A Blog and Make Money

How to start a blog and make money? Do you really want to learn how to start with a blog in 2020? So, here I’m going to share with you the step by step process to start a blog.

Hi there, this is Bhaskar and I will lead you through everything you need to know to start a blog in 2020 along with required images.

After reading this whole process you’ll be able to start a blog and make money out of it. So, Read the whole process and implement it accordingly in order to start a blog and make money out of it.

The method I am explaining today is paid so, If you want to learn how to start a blog for free then click here.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a kind of website that primarily centers on written content, often named blog posts. We might hear about news blogs or celebrity blog sites in the popular culture.

In this manual, you’ll see how you can start a blog on any topic of your interest and concern from the basic.

Bloggers also write from a personal viewpoint that lets them directly interact with their readers.

Furthermore, most blogs do have a segment called “comments” where readers can directly communicate with the blog post writer.

Interacting in the comment section with your readers helps to further bind the blogger to the reader.This direct reader link is one of the main benefits of starting a blog.

This connection helps you to communicate with other like-minded people, and exchange ideas. It enables you to build trust with your writers, too.

Getting your readers ‘faith and loyalty’ also opens the door to make money from your writing, which is something that I will explore in this guide later.

Why to start a blog?

One of the myths about starting a blog is that to be successful, you have to be a great writer. There could not be anything further from the facts.

People are reading blog sites to get a personal view of things and most successful bloggers are writing in a very casual and conversational manner.

Moreover, in order to start a successful blog you don’t have to be an expert on your topic.

For example, cooking blog readers don’t want to read a food scientist’s textbook, they want to hear somebody’s experiences that actually cooked some real meals, mistakes, and everything.

There’s only one strict condition to start a blog: The passion, dedication, and consistency for your topic.

Blogging at its essence is about sharing your expertise with the world. Choosing a subject you’re passionate about, makes it so much easier to start a successful blog.

Writing on more than one subject is also perfectly perfect. As long as you write about things you truly care about, your enthusiasm will come through and keep your readers engagement.

So, why should you start a blog? Here are some explanations:

  • To earn money from home:

    Blogging, if done right, can be very lucrative. The world’s top bloggers obviously earn quite a bit, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if it’s done right. The best thing about it is that blogging is a source of passive income because you can spend only a few hours a week writing a blog post, and then keep making money out of it so long after the blog post is finished. Later in this manual, I go into much more information on how to make money from a blog.

  • To tell your story:

    A blog lets you get a voice and be heard. If you so choose, you can share your story with the whole world. One of the most popular forms of using blogs is like a diary in which the author talks about their everyday life so that friends, family, and others can all be part of their lives.

  • For your or your business’s recognition:

    Because of your new blog post presumably, you won’t have paparazzi following around you. But a successful blog makes your concept a reality, and in your respective field will gain you a lot of attention. Many bloggers are recognized only because of their blogs as experts, and some have even got the book and film deals based on their blogs.

  • To find your community:

    In its heart, blogging is interactive. You are writing a blog post and people are commenting on it. Facebook is a perfect way to be able to communicate with people involved in the same things as you are. Blogging allows you to educate other people based on your experience, and it also gives you the opportunity to learn from your readers.

The good news is the Internet is now bursting with growth. More people are online now than ever.

This boom in growth means more future blog readers. In short, if you’re considering starting a blog then there’s no better time than right now. So, the main question is how to start a blog?

How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Buy a Perfect Domain Name.
  2. Purchase Hosting.
  3. Install WordPress and Customize.
  4. Write Your Post & Publish It.
  5. Nurture or Promote Your Blog.
  6. Monetize Your Blog.

*Note: Click on the step to go directly into that section.

Now, lets move into details of all these steps and learn how to start a blog in 6 easy steps:

Step-1: Buy a Perfect Domain Name:

The first step to start a blog is selecting a perfect domain name related to your topic(niche) of interest.

  • Passions & Hobbies:

    Hobbies or some other curiosity you’re passionate about is a perfect starting point. Cooking, traveling, fashion, sports, and cars are all classic examples. But even blogs about more obscure hobbies can be productive, as your audience basically is anyone with the internet in the world.

  • Experiences in general:

    Everyone has lessons that they have learned through the experience of life. In similar cases sharing this information can be extremely beneficial for others. Think of the things you’ve been through in life. It may be linked to your family (example: a blog about staying at home), job (a blog about experiences with clients), or other life events (a blog about struggling with a difficult time such as a virus outbreak or breakup, or a happy time such as getting ready for a wedding or a child’s birth).

  • A Personal Blog:

    A personal blog is a blog about everything about you. This will involve a range of topics, from everyday things you do to random thoughts and musings. It’s a perfect way to share your thoughts with the world without just having to stick to one topic.

Once you’ve got a topic, it’s time to pick your blog domain name from or

how to start a blog
Choose your perfect domain – How to start a blog

A successful blog needs a perfect domain name. A good Domain name should be clear and easy to remember so that future audience can easily tell from the name what your blog is all about.

When you blog about a specific topic then you probably want to include it in your blog name in some way. But do not try to get hung-up on just one term.

A cooking blog, for example, does not always need to include the word “cooking.” The terms “food,” “recipes” or “meals” will also let people know that cooking is what your blog is about.

If you’re planning to create a personal blog where you’ll be addressing a variety of topics then I suggest using your name, or some combination, because your blog is all about you.

For instance, I own a blog “”. If you think your name is already taken, you can add your middle name or middle initial too.

Or use a combination such as “Bhaskar Pant Blog” or “Blogging with Bhaskar”.

Can’t decide a suitable domain name? Contact me and I’ll help you find your perfect domain.

When you’ve got some concepts for blog name you’ll need to pick a domain extension. The most favored domain extension is a .com domain, but you can also choose .net or .org.

It is also important to remember that you can not have any spaces between words for the purposes of a blog domain. So “Blogging with Bhaskar” becomes

Now that you have your domain name and have chosen an extension, it’s time to ensure that nobody else has registered the same name already. Click here to check your domain availability.

*Note: No spaces or punctuations other than dashes in a domain name can be used.

If you notice the name you are searching for is already taken, there are a few things you can do:

  • Seek a different domain extension:

    If the version of .com is already registered you will still be able to get your blog name’s .net version.

  • Attach Simple terms:

    Terms such as “a,” “my” or” For example, like the domain, “” is already registered you can try “”.

  • Placing dashes between words:

    For example, “”

Step-2: Purchase Hosting:

This is the second step to start a blog.

Now that you have chosen a name, it’s time to get your blog online. And without having hosting, your aim to start a blog will not be completed.

It may sound complicated or technical, but the steps below will go straight through you and make the process quick.

You need two things to get your blog up and running: Web Hosting and blogging software. The good thing is that these actually come together in packages.

A Web Host is an organization that holds all the blog files and delivers them to the user when they type in the blog name. To start a successful blog you must have a web host.

You need to have the software to create your blog, as well. I recommend WordPress because it is the most popular, flexible, and simplest to use.

I’ll guide you on how to create a blog using WordPress blogging software in this manual.

Many new bloggers make the error while purchasing hosting from unreliable companies, and that they regret this misstep later. 

During this step-by-step manual, I will be able to share everything you would like to understand so as to buy web hosting from a reliable company and a domain name from the same.

There are so many web hosting services over the internet but the two that I personally trust and recommend the most:

  1. BlueHost
  2. SiteGround




Blue host – How to start a blog

I’ll be teaching you how to use BlueHost. I use BlueHost personally for some of my websites and recommend it to all new bloggers.

Why BlueHost Hosting?

  • BlueHost will register your domain name for you free of cost, ensuring that nobody else will claim it.
  • It offers free, easy installation of WordPress (which I’ll show you how to use in this manual).
  • BlueHost has been recommended since 2005 by WordPress, and currently hosts more than 2 million blogs and websites.
  • 24/7 customer service over the phone or web-chat.
  • BlueHost has a money-back guarantee of 60 days if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied.

Step-By-Step Guide to setup BlueHost hosting:

  1. Visit BlueHost.
  2. Select a new domain (free), or use an existing domain.
  3. Enter your account information.
  4. Choose the right package.
  5. Complete your purchase.
  6. Set a strong password.
  7. Sign in to your web hosting cPanel.

Step #1: Visit BlueHost:

To begin, head over to Bluehost homepage and click on on “get started now”.

This will take you to a page where you’ll see three different packages from which to settle on. I will be able to quickly explain the varied packages.

Here are my suggestions on BlueHost Plans:

  • Basic: If running just one site.
  • Plus: If running more than one site.
  • Prime: Need, is a guard.

Since the worth difference between plus and prime package isn’t much, you ought to choose Prime. Even, for now, you’re only hosting one site, with the Prime package, you’ll host unlimited sites within the future if you would like to.

*Note: The links I give here will offer you an enormous discount on all of those packages. But this discount is merely for the primary bill, so it’s better to shop for a package for 2-3 years to save lots of money.

Click on “select” ahead of the plan you’ve got chosen.

Step #1: Select a new domain (free), or use an existing domain:

After selecting your plan, you’ll either prefer to get a free name from Bluehost, otherwise you can use any of your existing domain names.

Keep in mind that you simply can use your free name later if you don’t need it now.

You can also claim your free domain at a later point. Just email BlueHost’s customer service team and they’ll assist you out.

If you’re using an existing name , you will have to change the name-servers at your domain registrar to:


If you would like to stay things simple, enter the name you would like to shop for within the “new domain” field, and your free domain will be activated with your web hosting plan.

Click on “next”, and from here, the rest of the steps are going to be very simple.

Step #2: Enter your account information:

In this section, you will be asked to enter your credentials (name, email address, address, etc.).

Make sure you verify every detail, especially your email address. Your login and hosting information are going to be sent to your email address.

Step #3: Choose the right package:

This part is important, so here you can pay more attention to ensure you are not overcharged for addons you don’t need.

Select a hosting package that will last 24 or 36 months. You’ll note a fall in price as tenure expands.

Ensure to unselect the “Site Backup Pro” and “Sitelock Security” options because you don’t really need them.

Step #4: Complete your purchase:

I recommend you scroll up and check all of the details once again before you make your payment.

You will see the option to make payment by credit card only by default, but if you want to make payment by PayPal, click on “more payment options” and it will also show payment through PayPal method.

You can see another sales page like the one below after you have made the payment, Ignore this.

At the end of the page, click on “no thanks”

On the next page you’ll see a confirmation of the purchase of your hosting plan, and you’ll see a screen like the one below.

Tap “Create Your Password.”

Step #5: Set a strong password:

This is the ultimate stage of your web hosting purchase.

You may select a password, or use a password generator to construct a complex password (that I recommend). Copy and paste your password in a secure place, and press “Paste”

Click “Create” button and this is it!

Now, 98% of the process of buying web hosting for your blog complete.

Step #6: Sign in to your web hosting cPanel:

Check your email inbox and you must find a confirmation email for your web hosting account with all the login information.

The only thing that won’t be included in the email is the password you created in the final step, this is for your protection purpose.

  • Go to, and at the top, click on “login.”
  • Type your domain name or username, and the password you selected or created, in the login field.
  • Click on “submit“.
  • You will now be inside your WordPress optimized BlueHost Dashboard:
  • This is it! Congratulations, Leader. I just purchased your web hosting plan and domain name.

Click the button below to claim a 50% discount on any package you purchase.

Watch this video tutorial for if you need visual guidance:


Siteground – How to start a blog

Why SiteGround Hosting:

  • The 30-day money-back assurance.
  • Free service for site migration.
  • Free file backups and restore regularly.
  • Auto (and officially recognized by WordPress installation.
  • WordPress hosting is handled on all plans.

Step-By-Step SiteGround Guide:

  1. Open
  2. Choose the perfect plan.
  3. Choose your domain name.
  4. Enter your account information.
  5. Setup Domain Name Servers (DNS).

*Note: The links I give here will offer you a discount on all of those packages. But this discount is for the primary bill, so it’s better to purchase a package for 2-3 years to save good amount of money.

Watch this video tutorial for if you need visual guidance:

Step-3: Install WordPress & Customize:

This is the third step to start a blog.

Login into Hosting Account:

If you’re not already logged in, go to and press “Login” at the top right of the page to open up the login screen. You can use your domain name and the password that you set to login.

You can reset it by clicking the “Forgot Password” button if you have forgotten your password.

Once you have logged in, you are taken to your BlueHost dashboard. Click “Login to WordPress” on the dashboard to log in to your blog automatically.

Changing the theme of your blog:

Once you have signed in you will be in the administrator section of WordPress. That’s where you can make any improvements to your blog that you like.

Everyone has a different vision of how they want to look at their blog. One of the best things about a WordPress blog is that with only a few clicks you can change the overall layout and design.

how to start a blog
Add New Theme on WordPress – How to start a blog

  • Blog templates are labeled as ‘themes’ in WordPress. What is a theme for a blog? Themes power all of your blog design. To modify your design, click on the “Appearance” tab in the panel on the left.
  • On your website, you’ll see several themes already installed: Twenty Eighteen, Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Twenty, etc. These are well-designed, clean-looking themes that can function for just about any blog type. Indeed, many of the top bloggers worldwide use one of those themes.
  • If you’re considering a very unique design for your blog, I suggest you start with one of those themes. Let’s take the “Twenty Twenty” theme for our illustration. To activate the blog theme, click over the theme and press the “Activate” button. This is it! With only one click you have modified the entire template of your blog!
  • If you don’t like either of the pre-installed themes you can easily pick from thousands of other free themes. Click on the “Appearance” tab in the left menu to install a new theme, and then click on “Add New Theme.”
  • This is the search screen for themes. You can pick one from thousands of themes. You can modify your entire design by simply triggering a new theme at any time. I suggest you click on the “Popular” tab to find a theme you like, and start browsing. If you find one you want, press the “Install” button in blue.
  • When you have the theme installed, click “Activate” to set on your blog. Go to your blog to see your latest theme in reality, and take a look!
  • The best way to customize your blog is to change your theme, but there are plenty of other personalizations you can make. I’m not going into that now but you can practice yourself. As more we practice ourselves, the more we’ll learn.

Step-4: Write & Publish a Post:

This is the fourth step to start a blog.

Since your blog is live and working it’s time to write some blog posts actually!

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and on the left, find Posts and click.
  • You’ll see there is a post there already. This is a default post for any new blog on WordPress and we don’t need it. Click “Trash” below the post to delete it.
  • Click on the “Add New” button to start typing a new post.
  • You’re on the editor-post page now. Enter your post title in the top row, and then start writing your post in the bottom row.
  • If you wish to add a photo to your blog post, click on the “+” symbol and click “Image” to upload a photo from your device. On the next screen, you can make changes to the image size. When you’re ready to add the picture, click “Insert in Post.”
  • When your blog post is complete, just click on the “Publish” button at the top right of the page to publish it.
how to start a blog
Write blog post – How to start a blog

*Note: Even after you’ve written a post, a “Coming Soon” page can still appear on your blog. Just click the “BlueHost” icon at the top left of the menu in your WordPress dashboard and click the “Launch” button to disable the “Coming Soon” page.

Congratulations, You now know how to start a blog and publish posts!

Step-5: Nurture Your Blog:

This is the fifth step to start a blog.

seo trends 2020
SEO – How to start a blog

It’s just the start to create a well-designed blog and write great posts. You need to promote it to get readers for your new blog, particularly when you’re starting first.

The easiest way to start promoting your blog is to participate in social networks.

Being a blogger you want your site to rank on top of the search engine. To do so there are basically two methods

  1. Paid Promotions:
    As the name paid promotions describes itself that you have to pay for advertising your blog posts. Google Ads is one of the best online advertising platform developed by Google.
    When you start a blog and new to this field I don’t recommend going for paid promotions rather you need to do Search engine optimization.
  2. Search Engine Optimization:
    When you start a blog you need also to know about SEO. Search engine optimization is a method of ranking your blog posts on top of the Search engines like Google, organically. There are lots of tricks and tactics that a blog to rank and gain organic traffic. Click Here to know about Search Engine Optimization.

Step-6: Monetize your Blog:

Monetizing is the last step to start a blog.

Monetize your Blog – How to start a blog

The final step on how to start a blog is monetizing your blog. When you’ve put in an so much effort to start a blog content and promote, the simple part is actually to make money off your blog.

Blogs have the potential to be incredibly lucrative but don’t expect that in the first week, or even in the first month, you’re going to start making money. Starting to see a steady stream of revenue could take up to six months or a year.

Blogging requires time and commitment to generate revenue from it. There are many strategies you can use to monetize your new blog once you build a wide enough audience.

How to Monetize Your Blog?

There are so many different methods to monetize your blog. But today I am going to tell you about the best methods as you are about to start a blog.

Google AdSense:

It is the best and simplest way to monetize your blog. Google AdSense is a Google-run program in which Google serves text, images, video, or interactive media promotions targeting the web content and audiences of your site.

And you’ll get paid for how many people see and click Ads on your site. Those ads are handled, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Google Adsense needs to be verified first to start serving ads on your blog and monetize.

Getting verified by Google AdSense on a new blog is not that easy, but don’t worry there is an AdSense alternative named Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads is the best and highest paying alternative of Google Adsense for bloggers. In some extent, It pays higher than Google AdSense.

And the best part is the verification process of the Propeller Ads is quite easy and simple. As you are about to start a blog I recommend propeller ads.

how to start a blog
Propeller Ads – How to start a blog

Amazon Associates: is the world’s largest eCommerce company. it has millions of products to sell online.

Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing network. Turning into Amazon Associates is free for website owners and bloggers.

When you promote Amazon goods by building links to your pages. If anyone clicks on the links and purchases Amazon goods, you’ll be paid referral fees.

This is how Amazon Associate works. This is also the best way to earn money using your blog.


So, this is all about How to start a blog and make money out of it. I hope you have understood everything that I have tried to explain.

If you have any confusion make sure you comment down below and I will try my best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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