How to be happy

How to be happy? 1 story to make you realize your happiness

How to be happy?

If there’s one common thing that everyone wants it is happiness.

we are always wondering what are the secrets to a happy life?

Some say a luxurious life can make you happy yet others propose minimalism having less as the solution to being happy.

some say relationships can make you happy and others say that a life of meaning and purpose is the way to find your happiness.

How does one lead a happy life? a million-dollar question.

How to be happy
How to be happy?

1 Story on how to be happy:

During a party someone asked one of the spouses in the audience does your husband make you happy?

Everyone was all years as her husband waited for her spots showing complete confidence on his face. He knew that his wife would say an assertive YES.
Because truly she had never complained about anything during their married life.
He and everyone else around was utterly shocked when his wife answered the question with a resounding NO.
No, my husband does not make me happy. The husband was shocked but his wife continued. My husband never made me happy and he does not make me happy.

It is not his responsibility to make me happy. Whether I’m happy or not is dependent not on him but on me.
I am the only person on whom my happiness depends. I choose to be happy in every situation and every moment of my life.
If my happiness depended on another person’s thing or circumstance, I would be disappointed when they do not reciprocate with my expectations.

Everything in life constantly keeps changing.

  • People can change.
  • Our socio-economic and stages can change.
  • Our body changes.
  • our physical and mental health changes.
  • The climate changes.
  • Sometimes bosses change.

Everything is changing in the world.

Everyone in the party intently listened as the lady continued trust me I need to decide to be happy regardless of whatever happens externally.

  • Whether I own a lot or little, I decide to be happy.
  • Whether I’m going out of staying home alone, I decide to be happy.
  • Whether I am rich or poor, I have decided to be happy.
  • I’m married but I was also happy when I was single enjoying that life as well.
  • I have decided to be happy for myself.

I love my life not because my life is easier than anyone else’s but because I’ve decided to be happy as an individual.
Yes, I am responsible for my own happiness.
My husband is indeed amazing. He loves me; he does everything in his capacity to keep me happy.
But when I take this obligation of his having to make me happy away from my husband or for that matter from anyone else, I freed them from the burden to take the responsibility to make me happy.
It makes everyone’s life so much lighter.

I was inspired by this lady’s speech who said happiness is our responsibility.

And surely, we have to make that choice every moment.

Never give away the control of your happiness to anyone or anything else.

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